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Picture post! Everyone's favorite!! We'll start with the ones from Pucks n' Purls.

Practice skate before the game.

Hockey in action!

Yay, we scored the first goal! (And the next several, but who's counting?)

Knitting friends! :) In this picture, Sarah, Lynn, me, Emily, and Ilana.

And one from the other side, where none of us are really looking at the camera, but I just enjoy the fact that Lynn is a blur of motion next to me. Lol.

Here, have some non-hockey pictures, too!

This happens regularly in our house, and is why I sometimes call the kitten Parrot. :p

Knitting pictures! Now with bonus background kitten! Lol. (These are the legwarmers I recently finished for Kira; I just have to mail them to her.)

Today is day one of a glorious three day weekend. I am so thrilled, even if I did get up early today to camp out at the library for a free pass that Aimee and I can use next weekend. I got up earlier than I needed to, not realizing that people don't line up quite as early in the winter when it's cold and snowing. But I just hung out in my car and read for an hour, then stood outside for maybe 45 minutes, so it wasn't terrible. And since I was the first in line, I had no trouble snagging us a pass to Casa Loma, so we can go play in a castle for free next weekend! Yay! For the rest of this weekend, I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing. Since I did the bulk of the cleaning last weekend, all that really needs to be done this weekend is laundry and dishes and maybe a sweep. Nothing too major, and I will have plenty of time to read, knit, and catch up on lj.

Speaking of knitting, I finally started a shawl with the really nice yarn Sarah bought me for my birthday. I was trying to use the written instructions, but I really wasn't understanding the pattern that way, and ended up having to rip it out and start over because my stitch count was way off. But I restarted, this time using the chart and having written out what the stitch count should be for each row of the repeat, and it's going much better. I feel like I really get the pattern now and understand what I should be doing, which makes me excited about continuing with it. I can't wait to see how it looks when it's all done!

Otherwise, not much new to report. I think perhaps I will go do some more nothing. Enjoy your weekends, friends!
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